Driving Success Through Diversity

Transforming Orlando Into A Beacon For Inclusion

“When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.” Howard Schultz


June 6th, Allinium had the privilege to sponsor the Orlando Chamber event, “Driving Success Through Diversity”. For us, there is no greater honor than the opportunity to contribute to an event that recognizes, supports, and furthers the fight for diversity in Orlando.


Almost one year has passed since the events at Pulse nightclub forever changed the identity of Orlando. From residents, to law enforcement, to city leaders, Central Florida rallied together to foster diversity and compassion in the face of hate and terror. Mayor Buddy Dyer lead the charge, saying “We will be defined by how we respond- and how we are responding- with love, with compassion, with unity among our city.” The past year has been a continued effort by Mayor Dyer to continue that message of unity and bring it to all aspects of Orlando.


Mayor Dyer led Orlando to heal from this tragedy and in its wake, create a new City Of Orlando that would prioritize unity, inclusion, diversity and love. When the John Young Award is given, Orlando looks for someone who brings positive national and international attention to our city. There’s no more appropriate recipient of this award than the man who used his position, power and voice to lead an entire city to loudly and boldly take a stand for diversity and inclusion.


The Orlando Chamber of Commerce has added four new pillars, one is Diversity & Inclusion. Tony Byers, Director of Global Diversity at Starbucks, spoke at the event “It’s not enough to have a diverse workforce without leaders who can lead inclusively.” Byers, a trailblazer in diversity and inclusion, couldn’t have better captured the tone of the night.


Allinium is empowered to be a part of the Orlando community, where leaders like Tony Byers and Buddy Dyer come together to lead the charge in transforming Orlando into a beacon for Diversity & Inclusion. It was truly a privilege to sponsor this event, and we look forward to watching Orlando continue to grow into a city for everyone.

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