Gender Partnership: A 21st Century Business Imperative

A talent war on the horizon, corporate culture matters and leaders must create diverse and inclusive environments.

There is a talent war on the horizon, with a credible prediction from the Census Bureau/Department of Labor that there will be 23,000,000 jobs in the United States that can’t be filled by 2020 – 1.4 million in the technology sector alone. Few companies are doing what needs to be done right now to position themselves appropriately and most believe it won’t affect them, expecting their reputation to carry them through.  Unfortunately, the culture of an organization is likely to be the deciding factor with 78% of millennials saying they would rather make $40,000 per year working in a great, inclusive environment than $100,000 per year working for a company stuck in the last century.

Across the country companies have invested time, money and resources with an authentic commitment to creating diverse and inclusive cultures. It’s been years of commitment, yet when we look to the scoreboard, there is an obvious absence of women in leadership roles. Women are abandoning their careers, and men are left feeling blamed, confused and silenced. Leading companies and top CEO’s are now devotedly searching for answers.

Companies, now more than ever, must create diverse and inclusive environments. Allinium’s goal is to create opportunities where men and women can have open, honest communication. Our company helps top leaders- both men and women- examine, explore and discover their blind spots with one another, allowing for the beginnings of an authentic culture of gender partnership.

Allinium offers the tangible change that is expected, and demanded, by the new wave of talent.

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