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Resources To Help Build Inclusive Corporate Cultures

Building Inclusive Workplace Cultures - DeLand Florida Chamber of Commerce "Women Empowered"

Empowering men and women to solve the most pressing issues of our time – inclusive cultures in and out of the workplace. Understanding differences and working together everyday, locally and nationally to build inclusive workplaces.

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Women Matter: Ten years of insights on gender diversity - McKinsey & Company

A decade into their research, McKinsey & Company highlighted key findings and how to increase gender diversity in corporations

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Diversity Danish TV Ad - video

A Danish TV ad demonstrating the power of diversity

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The Race of Life - video

Privilege is often invisible to those who have it

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Working Women- The Economist

Benchmark for progress on gender equality

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Susan Rink, CEO, Working on Diversity in the Community

Susan moderates at JLL Citrus Club, promoting importance of diversity in Orlando

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Why do Women outnumber men in college?

With 61% of all degrees being earned by women and the number expecting to rise to nearly 70% by 2020, NBER offers a number of “theories” to explain the shift.

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