Gender Partnership Dialogues

Master Gender Partnership in your organization to effectively attract, retain and develop 100% of the available talent pool.

The Business Case

Discover the compelling return on investment value proposition for engaging in Gender Partnership.

The Person Case

Reveal your blind spots related to your inherited gender cultural conditioning and examine your habits and behaviors.

The Moral Case

Uncover unconscious ways in which men and women disempower one another and examine the unintended consequences.

Call to Action

Create best practices to stimulate innovative thinking about what can be done both individually and at work.

Become a Gender Partnership Champion

Tie Gender Partnership to achieving your organization's strategic priorities and become a Champion.

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Format: The Gender Partnership Workshop consists of four learning modules that include highly interactive exercises to engage participants in candid discussions that promote a deep sense of shared commitment and inspired action. Attendees will participate in exercises that will help you identify and address your own invisible gender bias.  

Intended Participants: This workshop has been developed for business leaders and is intended to be delivered to a gender-balanced audience of a minimum of 30 participants.  

Outcome: This program enables attendees to remove individual and organizational gender blind spots and replace them with pragmatic, impactful action steps that strengthen workplace culture and practice. You will leave the workshop with the knowledge, attitudes, specific actions, and resources necessary to push forward transformative change in the workplace.  

- Create awareness and compassion for how the cultures in which we are raised limit our effectiveness with the other gender.

- Open our minds to see that the conclusions we have been operating from are unconsciously biased.

- Explore how acts of benevolence and care unintentionally disempower our colleagues.

- Reveal habits and behaviors that are perpetuated in organizations because they aren’t seen or corrected.

- Create and practice ways to engage in win-win approaches to problem-solving, decision making, resource allocation, etc.

- Understand the nature of gender differences in how we register our successes, communicate our needs and respond to stress.

- Commit to specific actions that will forge a greater experience for men and women across the enterprise.

- Tie Gender Partnership to achieving your organization’s strategic priorities with the ultimate outcome being a culture of full Gender Partnership.

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