Gender Partnership Everywhere - An e-Learning Curriculum

A dramatically different e-learning curriculum designed to engage your employees in a lively exploration of Gender Partnership.

Thoughtful and Provocative

Explore the state of gender bias today and look at how we can change the status quo.

Eliminate Walking on Eggshells

Discover how much men and women walk on eggshells with one another.

No Blame, Shame or Guilt Allowed

Have the freedom to confront the unintended consequences of unconsciousness

Increase Productivity and Innovation

Improved communication leads to better results.

Best Place to Work

Build a corporate culture that attracts and retains the best talent.

Build a Community

Finding common ground creates an environment of respect and appreciation.
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Created by the Institute for Gender Partnership, Gender Partnership Everywhere is a dramatically different e-learning curriculum. The program uses current events, well-documented studies, and thought leadership to awaken and align your remote employees with in-house efforts aimed at ending gender bias and reaping the financial, productivity, and decision-making benefits of Gender Partnership. We have designed this revolutionary, easy-to-use program with the intention of making it not just informative, but engaging and lively. We are very excited about its potential to not only educate your remote team members on the many benefits of Gender Partnership, but also inspire each of them to experience aha! moments about gender bias and its many (often unsuspected) consequences.

Gender Partnership Everywhere™ focuses on exposing your employees to:

·      Well-documented facts about the state of gender bias today.

·      Pragmatic, actionable strategies for removing gender bias in teams and organizations.

·      Thoughtful and provocative opinions about how we can change the status quo.

·      Vivid personal storytelling from both men and women who have discovered how much we limit ourselves by unconsciously assigning gender-based limits to others.

·      Widely respected studies about the effects of gender bias and the remarkable success of companies who have learned how to harness the talent, energy, experience, and teamwork of 100% of their employees. 

Our Gender Partnership Everywhere™ e-curriculum combines articles and reports from widely admired publications like Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Scientific American and The Washington Post. It also brings together entertaining videos from YouTube, U.N. Women, and Google’s own in-house anti- bias program.

Each module includes questions to stimulate individual thinking on the topic covered. Participants’ answers to these questions serve to kick off group discussions (led by either your facilitators or ours) to deepen and cement learning.

What does Gender Partnership mean?

Gender Partnership is achieved when every member of your team works seamlessly and productively with every other member, regardless of gender. When men and women work together in Gender Partnership, they learn from and leverage each other’s special skills and talents. Creativity, productivity, and decision-making are no longer hobbled by miscommunication, misunderstandings, or hidden bias.

Mutual respect and empathy form the basis for all cross- gender interactions. 

Who participates in this program?

Gender Partnership Everywhere™ is for Fortune 1000 leaders who want their companies to enjoy the proven benefits of Gender Partnership – increased profitability, innovation, competitiveness, employee engagement, and productivity – by cost-effectively providing inclusion training to the thousands of employees unable to attend programs in person. 

What is Gender Partnership Everywhere™?

Gender Partnership Everywhere™ is the Institute for Gender Partnership’s proprietary self-study and experiential learning program for your remote employees. It consists of 15 modules. Each one takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete, including time spent reflecting on the questions at the end of each module.

Participants' answers to these questions are the starting point for the recommended group follow-up discussions. It is our experience that change happens through conversation and practice, over a horizon of time, via community engagement. Note: This program can also be administered as a workshop.

What are business leaders trying to solve for by using the program?

·      Utilizing and optimizing 100% of their talent.

·      Improving teamwork, decision-making, and employee engagement.

·      Leveraging a broader spectrum of innovative ideas, consumer knowledge, and leadership skills.

·      Attracting, empowering, and retaining top female talent.

·      Reducing the likelihood of discrimination litigation.

A first-person report from an early adopter of Gender Partnership Everywhere™

By Jim Blessington

Sr. Director, Portfolio & Planning Cornerstone AstraZeneca

“All journeys start with a common vision, commitment, and education. Most times, the biggest challenge is maintaining momentum. To me, the greatest benefit of Gender Partnership Everywhere™ is that it has given us an approach for maintaining momentum and progress on Gender Partnership within our teams and our corporate culture.

The modules are effective as standalone educational programs or (my preference) as ongoing agenda items for leadership teams. The pre-read, prep questions, and simple facilitator guide fit perfectly into the flow and process of our leadership team meetings.

Don’t underestimate the impact this program can have on the performance of your teams. I continue to be humbled by the passion and commitment men demonstrate towards Gender Partnership when you create the space for them to learn and understand.

Gender Partnership Everywhere’s content and approach are excellent at creating this space.”

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