Inclusive Contextual Leadership

A groundbreaking leadership program designed to examine the most important business imperative of our time: Creating an Inclusive Culture.

Transform the Cultural Context Around You

A leaders most important job is to reveal and shift context.

The Brain Science Behind Human Differences

Learn about the seven physiological differences between a male brain and a female brain.

Reveal Blind Spots

Reveal the inherited cultural conditioning that creates habits and behaviors being perpetuated in organizations.

Lead More Effectively

Examine where invisible impressions are impacting your leadership. Eliminate misunderstanding, miscommunications and damaging mistakes.

Become a Champion for Inclusive Cultures

Create best practices. Enhance your personal brand and reputation. Discover new ways to be an effective, inclusive leader.

Disappearing the Box

Discover any barriers or constraints that may be limiting your own performance or that of your team.
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The Inclusive Contextual Leadership program brings leaders together to embrace a timely opportunity that will:

·      transform the cultural context of you and your organization

·      increase employee engagement and maximize effectiveness

·      ensure that organizations attract and retain outstanding talent by allowing every individual to make their fullest contribution.

Based on the Contextual Leadership methodology at the heart of all Allinium programming, this highly interactive coed program guides attendees through a process designed to reveal and shift their personal and organizational context. Context is the invisible framework that is responsible for systemic barriers and institutional blindspots currently constraining and limiting performance. Once revealed, effective and sustainable actions become possible.

A leaders most important job is to reveal and shift context, starting with their own. We will examine the impact a dominant culture has on individuality. Equal does not mean we are all the same. Learning to recognize the extraordinary opportunity of our unique perspectives allows us to create authentic inclusive cultures in our organizations and each perform at our best.

More than 5,000 people have participated in Contextual Leadership trainings. Nearly all have described it as the most life-altering leadership training of their careers.

The program will be facilitated by Susan Elliott-Rink and General Mark Hertling and held at the beautiful Citrus Club in downtown Orlando on November 8, 2017. Please arrive by 8:00am. Breakfast, lunch, refreshments included. The program will begin promptly at 8:30am and conclude at approximately 5:00pm. The day will complete with a happy hour until 6:30pm.

While not mandatory, we do recommend that you attend with at least one other person from your organization, up to a maximum of six from any one company.

The program is designed for leaders at all levels within an organization based on the belief that leadership can be demonstrated regardless of position, power and authority.

Please direct any specific questions you might have about the program or tuition concessions to If you want to be there, we'll work out a way to make that happen!


The most frequently asked questions are answered below. Should you have any questions not answered here, please contact us at and the Facilitator will answer you directly. If you would like to speak to your Program Leader prior to the program, please let us know and we will schedule a call.

1. How many participants will be in the program?

The program is limited to 30 participants to insure that everyone has an opportunity to participate.

2. Will I have to share personal information about myself?

The program is personal in nature and you are likely to discover things about yourself that may surprise you. However, you are not required to share anything publicly that you are uncomfortable sharing.

3. Is the information shared confidential? Do you share my story publicly or report back to my company about me?

We request that all names, companies, and conversations that take place in the program be held in the strictest confidence and, to our knowledge, this request has never been violated in over 25 years of doing this work at the Institute for Women's Leadership, the Institute for Gender Partnership, nor at Allinium. We do not report anything back to your company, or publicly share anything related to your participation. It is up to you to share what you gain from your participation.

4. Will I have time to handle work related issues during the program?

We recommend that you clear your calendar for the entire program. We ask that you do not manage any text messages or emails while the program is in session.

5. Can I leave the program early to catch a flight?

It is important for you to be present for the entire program. Early departures are disruptive to everyone in the program, and we ask that you make your travel arrangements accordingly.

6. I’m an introvert. How can I get the most out of the program?

The transformational experience of the program happens because of your listening, so the value you get from the program is not dependent on your speaking. However, your sharing allows the other participants in the program to gain value from your insights, and will sometimes allow them to discover something about themselves in the process.

7. I’m not sure I’m experienced or senior enough to participate. I’m worried about being intimidated.

This is a common experience for even the most senior men and women participating in our programs. It is likely you are in a room with many other people feeling the same way.  

"Eye opening. More specifically, I walked away with a much better appreciation for how a room of seemingly similar folks (reasonably senior leaders) could look at similar issues/topics in such different ways. It made me appreciate the need for diversity on my team." 

Program Participant, 2016


"Life-changing program providing outstanding leadership development, and the opportunity to openly discuss the role we play in improving diversity and why it is important to our collective success. This is one of the best classes I have had the privilege to participate in." 

Program Participant, 2016 


"Diversity is a real business imperative and focus on this topic can help us to improve decision making, product development, sales efforts and marketing effectiveness. The training was a great opportunity to explore the business imperative all organizations are facing and to learn more about the man's perspective from men who "get it.” Lastly, as a woman, I took away some great information that helped me to better understand that we need to share in the struggle to push the agenda forward in our own organizations and in our own personal lives. Very empowering experience!" 

Program Participant, 2016

"I thought the group itself was really great – lots of different backgrounds and interesting points of view. For me though, it was really about the value proposition for equality. I’d only thought about this topic with a moral/fairness lens, which although true, hasn’t moved the needle much in the past 20-30 years. Walking away with some crisp talking points for the business case (i.e., how different points of view drive value) and the brain science was worth the price of admission." 

Program Participant, 2016

"The program is about creating a work environment where everyone has the same opportunity to be successful. The program takes on you on a journey and shows you how one can be perceived very differently from another person's lens." 

Program Participant, 2014

"The program offers an introspective/reflective experience that you can “take” to the workplace and apply immediately. The program teaches you practical approaches toward understanding the differences between how men and women think in a career setting." 

Program Participant, 2015

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