Partners Leading Change

A groundbreaking coed leadership program designed to teach both men and women specific strategies for working together more productively.

Explore your Context

Female and Male Leaders come together to explore the context operating in the background of their personal and professional lives.

Lead More Effectively

Discover new ways of communicating and leading that will lead to more productive and engaged teams.

It's Just Science

Learn about the 7 physiological differences between a male brain and female brain and examine how it impacts your interactions.

The Business Case

Get the latest statistics and discover why Gender Partnership is the most important business imperative of the 21st Century.

Build Your Brand

Discover why organizations are looking for gender lingual leaders and how becoming one can accelerate your own career.

Become a Champion

Make a difference in your communities and organizations.
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Partners Leading Change brings male and female leaders together for the sake of embracing a global business opportunity that will maximize productivity, profits and a positive culture through the realization of full Gender Partnership. The fight for equality brought some unintended consequences when equal began to mean that we all are the same. Political correctness and legal constraints have pushed the resentment, confusion and frustration below the surface where it continues to impact the day to day experience of men and women working together. Partners Leading Change takes a deep dive below the surface and delves into the physiological differences between a male and female brain. Not only do men and women often think differently, 20% of men and women have tendencies to think more like the other gender. Creating an authentic corporate culture of Gender Partnership requires both men and women to deeply explore and understand our gender based tendencies.

The program consists of an equal balance of men and women where participants learn together how to reframe and resolve organizational challenges, translate learning into action, and develop a powerful partnership culture to achieve groundbreaking results for themselves, their organizations, and their communities. The male/female "pairs" don't have to specifically work together but rather each has a commitment to being champions for change across the enterprise.

Intended Outcomes

Discover the most common blind spots that men have about women, and women have about men.

Explore the latest brain science and how it impacts the way men and women work together.

Learn communication skills that will allow you to inspire other men and women to collaborate with you in achieving your goals and meeting your business objectives.

Learn and apply skills for producing breakthrough results by understanding how to maximize the full contribution of everyone.

Enhance your personal brand by discovering new ways to be an effective gender lingual leader within your organization.

Discover conclusions you have that may be limiting how well you and your team collaborate, innovate and solve problems.

Eliminate misunderstandings, miscommunications and time consuming breakdowns.

If you are a parent or partner, discover insights in how to communicate more effectively based on the "tendencies" of the people in your life.

"Gender Diversity is a real business imperative and focus on this topic can help us to improve decision making, product development, sales efforts and marketing effectiveness.  The training was a great opportunity to explore the business imperative all organizations are facing and to learn more about the man's perspective from men who "get it." Lastly, as a woman, I took away some great information that helped me to better understand that we need to share in the struggle to push the agenda forward in our own organizations and in our own personal lives. Very empowering experience!" - Partners Leading Change Participant, 2016

"Eye opening. More specifically, I walked away with a much better appreciation for how a room of seemingly similar folks (reasonably senior leaders) could look at similar issues/topics in such different ways.  It made me appreciate the need for diversity on my team." - Partners Leading Change Participant, 2016

"I thought the group itself was really great – lots of different backgrounds and interesting points of view. For me though, it was really about the value proposition for gender equality. I’d only thought about this topic with a moral/fairness lens, which although true, hasn’t moved the needle much in the past 20-30 years. Walking away with some crisp talking points for the business case (i.e., how different points of view drive value) and the brain science was worth the price of admission." - Partners Leading Change Participant, 2016

"Life-changing program providing outstanding leadership development, and the opportunity to openly discuss the role we play in improving gender diversity and why it is important to our collective success. This is one of the best classes I have had the privilege to participate in." - Partners Leading Change Participant, 2013 

"The PLC program is about creating a work environment where everyone has the same opportunity to be successful. The program takes on you on a journey and shows you how one can be perceived very differently from another person's lens." -Partners Leading Change Participant, 2014

"The PLC Program offers an introspective/reflective experience that you can “take” to the workplace and apply immediately. The program teaches you practical approaches toward understanding the differences between how men and women think in a career setting." -Partners Leading Change Participant, 2015

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