Trade Up! 1.0 (Full-day Intensive)

"Sometimes The world seems like it has been and always will be set in its ways: then someone nudges our beliefs or opens our eyes and a whole new universe of possibility becomes available. that's what TRADING UP can do for us as individuals, organizations, and entire societies."

Facts vs. Conclusions

Context arises as a result of conclusions drawn over time. Those conclusions are interpretations of reality, masquerading as facts, and determining 100% of our outcomes! What conclusions might be holding you back?

Generous Listening

Human beings tend to listen in a binary way. Discover what's possible when generous listening is mastered.

The Committee Convenes

Everyone has a voice in their head. In fact, many people have a committee in their heads that confuses and distracts from taking the actions we know to take. Learn the tools to make sense of all that noise!

Creating a Culture of Trust

Examine how our life experiences have constrained our ability to develop trusting and enmpowering partnerships


Explore the people and situations that trigger you and develop effective practices to interrupt the automatic responses.


All human beings have blindspots. Revealing blindspots is key to causing breakthroughs. Discover a way to identify and eliminate the blindspots in your life.
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The theme of Trade Up! is that being an extraordinary leader is more about who you are than what you do. It's about how you impact others and how well you harness the resources within yourself and others to achieve sustainable breakthrough results. At it's heart is a profound understanding of the role that a person's context plays in shaping their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors and results.

What is 'context'?

A person's context is the unconscious mindset from which they operate. It is shaped by their personal experiences and the conclusions drawn from those experiences. Those conclusions are often interpretations of reality now masquerading as facts and significantly impacting behaviors and outcomes.

Trade Up! 1.0 begins the "deep tissue" examination and shines a light on one's blind spots allowing for whole new levels of actions and results that were previously unseen and unavailable.

Who can benefit?

The Trade Up! methodology can be applied to any area of life, and practiced to cause future breakthroughs.

A few examples of what participants have gained from participating:

  • Current Managers: understand why people do what they do and identify effective ways to impact behavior and results in a sustainable way
  • Individuals Looking for Career Assessment or Advancement: explore what's next or how to move to the next level
  • Individuals Launching a New Project: discover how to create a context for your project to accelerate the process
  • Individuals Dealing with Specific Breakdowns or Issues: get to the bottom of what isn't working and correct it at the source
  • Individuals Noticing Behavioral Patterns: get to the source of why they receive the same feedback and/or have challenging relationships at work or in their personal lives

What to expect?

Attendees can expect an environment of generosity, empowerment, relationship and authenticity, using an applied learning approach to solving challenging personal and professional concerns. Participants will be guided through a series of conversations and exercises as a group, pairs and one on one.

The most frequently asked questions are answered below. Should you have any questions not answered here, please include them on your pre-course questionnaire and the Facilitator will answer you directly. If you would like to speak to your Program Leader prior to the program, please let us know and we will schedule a call. 

Before Your Seminar 

Q: How soon before the seminar starts can I register?  

A: You can register for any Allinium open-enrollment courses by visiting or by clicking on the REGISTER NOW button. Registration for the Trade Up! 1.0 will close one week prior to the start date, or until all spots are reserved. We have limited the number of participants to 36.


Q: How do I pay for my registration?

A: After you register, an invoice will be emailed to the person you listed in the invoice section of the registration form. You can easily pay via credit card online, or mail a check if time permits. Please see email invoice for detailed instructions.


Q: How do I register more than one person? 

A: The easiest way to register multiple people is to go to and fill out the form once per participant. Additional discounts are available for multiple registrations from one company. Please contact us for pricing. No more than 6 people from one organization can participate in the series at the same time.

Q: Will I have any pre-program assignment to complete? 

A: Yes. You will get an email prior to the first session including a short pre-program questionnaire. We will use the information from your questionnaire to customize the content of the series appropriately. In the past, it has taken participants 15-45 minutes to complete the pre-program questionnaire.


Q: What should I wear? 

A: Casual or business attire is appropriate. Note: room temperature may vary so you may want to dress in layers.

Q: Do you offer food?  

A: Snacks, beverages and lunch will be provided. Please alert us to any special dietary needs you may have. Water in a closed container is allowed in the classroom.


During Your Seminar


Q: Will I receive any materials at the seminar? 

A: Yes. You will receive a seminar workbook for the exercises we will do.


Q: Where can I get further information about my seminar topic? 

A: You can click on the PROGRAM DETAILS and WHAT PARTICIPANTS ARE SAYING buttons towards the top of this page for more information about the Trade Up! Series.

Q: I’m an introvert. How can I get the most out of the program?

A: The transformational experience of the program happens because of your listening, so the value you get from the program is not dependent on your speaking. However, your sharing allows the other participants in the program to gain value from your insights, and will sometimes allow them to discover something about themselves in the process.

Q: I’m not sure I’m experienced or senior enough to participate. I’m worried about being intimidated.

A: This is a common experience for even the most senior men and women participating in our programs. It is likely you are in a room with other people feeling the same way.   

Q: Will I have to share personal information about myself?

A: The program is personal in nature and you are likely to discover things about yourself that may surprise you. However, you are not required to share anything publicly that you are uncomfortable sharing.

Q: Will what I share stay confidential?

A: We request that all names, companies, and conversations that take place in the program be held in the strictest confidence and, to our knowledge, this request has never been violated. We do not share anything publicly related to your participation. It is up to you to share what you gain from being in the program.

After Your Seminar


Q: Are there any post-program requirements?  

A:  No. While there are no requirements after the program completes, we will ask you to complete a post-program survey. We request that you give us candid feedback. We are always looking for ways to make our programs better.

“This is a program where you can dig in deep
to help understand how you show up as a leader, and how events in your life
have shaped that context.”

”Trade Up’ has enabled me to make a dramatic shift in my leadership that allows
me to take on an opportunity I have always aspired to: leading a geographic
expansion effort for our firm.” 

“Trade Up will leave you invigorated,
inspired and ready for the most meaningful years of your life.” –Carol Evans,
former CEO Working Mother Magazine

"Susan is a master! She has an equal amount of passion about this content and did a
great job in delivery. She used an appropriate amount of her context to
demonstrate the principles. She also did a thorough job of helping individuals
dive into their discovery and helping to 'trade up' to a more effective and
efficient context moving forward."

"Susan has excellent command
of the room, and is able to go from speaking to all to speaking to one in a heartbeat. What was really impressive about that was the respect
and engagement of those who were NOT the one at a given

The Trade Up program was the most life-altering program I've ever done. Susan
was simply phenomenal. Not only did she connect with each of us individually,
but she made an environment that facilitated many of us connecting and
forming bonds that I believe will be beneficial both personally and
professionally for many years to come. I am truly thankful for the opportunity
and look forward to the benefits of my “new context”!

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