Women Leading Change

A Women’s Leadership Development program that delivers a permanent shift in how you see yourself and your future.


Formal and informal female leaders come together to explore the context operating in the background of the personal and professional lives.


Being an extraordinary leader is less about what you know and more about who you are. Discover new ways of thinking and communicating that will leave you with more freedom and peace of mind.


Learn about the 7 physiological differences between a male brain and female brain and discover new ways of interacting with the people in your life.


Take the time to look at why you do what you do and think the way you think.


Distinguish what works and doesn’t work about how your life and career are structured and discover ways to manage everything you have to do and handle.


Become empowered to bring an authentic culture of Gender Partnership to your organization.
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Women Leading Change Details

The nature of the Women Leading Change is not a typical information-based training, but rather is focused on context; it is designed to be a transformational experience. You will spend two and a half days defining the context for your leadership, focusing on working more effectively, creating opportunity, and influencing others. By “leadership context”, we mean the beliefs and conclusions that you have about how you are or are supposed to be, how others are or should be, and how life is generally supposed to go. The focus is both at the scale of individual, such as personal breakthroughs, and at the scale of organizational change. All of this is under the context of leadership, and in this case, empowering women for leadership and creating cultures of full Gender Partnership in your organizations. You will have an opportunity to explore blind spots you might have that are constraining and limiting your performance and leadership.

Our work empowers people to produce unprecedented results quickly, and to sustain these changes. Our purpose in focusing primarily on women’s leadership development is based on our belief that exponentially increasing the number and quality of women leaders improves an organization’s ability to innovate, collaborate, and increase performance.

Most – if not all – leadership books and training programs on the market today tell you what you need to know and do to be an effective leader. But being an extraordinary leader is more about who you are and how well you harness the resources within your environment.

Women Leading Change is a facilitated workshop. The program is a combination of individual exercises, group discussion, and small learning teams – all with peer and facilitated coaching. Expect conversations that challenge your perception of leadership.

People who benefit from our programs include women who:

  • Have significant responsibility within their organization, and/or manage high-leverage projects.
  • Are formal or informal leaders in their organizations.
  • Envision an extraordinary result but can’t see how to produce it.
  • Feel too busy to connect with other professionals.
  • Are at a crossroads in their careers.

Our participants come from large corporations, start-ups, nonprofit organizations and the public sector.

In the program, you will:

  • Discover your untapped potential and learn new ways to reframe and resolve problems that you observe in your organization, your team and your daily work.
  • Learn the blind spots that men have about women and women have about men; this can forward the advancement of all women in your organization.
  • Become a catalyst for transforming your company’s culture into one of full Gender Partnership.
  • Translate your learning into action by developing an articulated plan to execute your goals and achieve desired outcomes using strategic alignment tools.
  • Create a specific, current project of sufficient importance and scope to make a lasting organizational difference.
  • Gain awareness of your current leadership style, and learn new ways to get yourself back on track when the unintended and unexpected occur.

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Women Leading Change Frequently Asked Questions

Your program will begin with a pre-course questionnaire and assignments. You will begin the inquiry about the context with which you are coming to the course, and what you intend to accomplish by participating in the program. In order for you to get the full value of the course, it is important that you complete all pre-course work.  

The most frequently asked questions are answered below. Should you have any questions not answered here, please include them on your pre-course questionnaire and the Facilitator will answer you directly. If you would like to speak to your Program Leader prior to the program, please let us know and we will schedule a call.

1. How many women will be in the program?

The typical number of participants is between 16-28.

2. Am I being sent to the program because my manager thinks I need improvement?

We ask companies and organizations to send their high-performing, high-value, high-potential women to the program including those whose leadership development they want to accelerate. We recommend that you relate to your participation as an acknowledgment of your value to your organization.

3. Will I have to share personal information about myself?

The program is very personal in nature and you are likely to discover things about yourself that may surprise you. However, you are not required to share anything publicly that you are uncomfortable sharing.

4. Is the information shared confidential? Do you report back to my company about me?

We request that all names, companies, and conversations that take place in the program be held in the strictest confidence and, to our knowledge, this request has never been violated. We do not report anything back to your manager or company related to your participation. It is up to you to share what you gain from your participation.

5. Will I have time to handle work related issues during the program?

We recommend that you clear your calendar for the entire program. Most women report that “getting away from everything” was one of the most valuable aspects of participating. Let your team know that you will be “off the grid”. We ask that you do not manage any text messages or emails while the program is in session.

6. Can I leave the program early to catch a flight?

It is important for you to be present for the entire program. The final 60-90 minutes are critical for you to complete the program.  Early departures are disruptive to everyone in the program, and we ask that you make your travel arrangements accordingly. We will complete the program at 12:00pm on Day 3. The venue is 30-45 minutes straight east of the Orlando airport and you should allow time for traffic. Our recommendation is that you not schedule a departing flight before 4:00pm.

7. I’m an introvert. How can I get the most out of the program?

The transformational experience of the program happens because of your listening, so the value you get from the program is not dependent on your speaking. However, your sharing allows the other participants in the program to gain value from your insights, and will sometimes allow them to discover something about themselves in the process.

8. I’m not sure I’m senior enough to participate. I’m worried about being intimidated.

This is a common experience for even the most senior men and women participating in our programs. It is likely you are in a room with 20+ other people feeling the same way.  

9. Are you going to talk about men?

Yes. Our commitment to empowering women and creating cultures of full Gender Partnership in organizations requires that both men and women learn to appreciate the unique differences and challenges faced by both genders. A portion of the program is dedicated to the physiological differences between male and female brain science. We also do Leading Change programs for men only, and as a co-ed offering.

Women Leading Change – What Participants Are Saying About The Program

The benefit and value to you as a leader in both your personal life and professional life are immeasurable. The time may feel impossible to set aside, but once you are through it, you'll wish it was more.
A unique training program that doesn't just end when the workshop is over, but a real program that empowers you to understand who you are as a leader and what you can contribute to the organization in real dollars.
A developmental program which allowed me to think outside of my usual boundaries to consider how I can do the most good for my company.
Just what I needed to further my development and help me advance my leadership skills to the next level! I am grateful to my company for the experience!
The course provides an instant network of talented women that you can tap into for support and identifying candidates for positions. Lastly, you learn about gender differences and how to apply that knowledge in the business and home environment.
Enlightens you on subtle differences between men and woman which provides a framework to help remove bias. Ultimately good for the soul!
The program is like nothing I have experienced in my 10 years with my company. It is not a training or a skill development program, but a true experience of understanding who you are and why you are the way you are, the implications of your actions, and an evolution from within. …its impact is difficult to put into words, but you truly leave a different and better person, both personally and professionally.
I cannot overemphasize what a valuable and rewarding program it was for me. I walked away with a clear image of the leader I am, and how I will approach every leadership opportunity I’m presented.
It was a breakthrough experience that allowed me to recognize how I lead/interact with my colleagues, family, and friends. It provided me the opportunity to re-shape how I approach life and has left me feeling empowered and excited about the future both professionally and personally.
Women Leading Change is a program that teaches leaders how to improve business results by driving high performance behaviors.
You discover the blind spots to your achieving beyond what you can imagine; design a breakthrough project to demonstrate your leadership and produce unprecedented results; while also giving you access to living a "whole" life given by who you want to be for yourself and others.
Mind blowing – life changing – empowering – eye opening!
Opens your eyes to yourself and the people around you and is like nothing you've attended before. It strengthened my commitment to the company and helped me to be a better leader and human being.
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