Consulting and Coaching

Moving people and organizations beyond their limits

Allinium provides customized leadership training, consulting and coaching to women and men seeking to affect breakthrough change both personally and within their organizations.  Our unique methodology empowers people to produce unprecedented results quickly.  Our belief is that increasing diversity in the workplace exponentially improves performance, innovation and collaboration.

Have you ever considered  your culture - the ever-present network of values, assumptions, attitudes,  conclusions and behaviors - an asset to your company?

  • What is the value  of your culture?
  • How could you increase the value of your culture?
  • As an asset, what could your culture do for your business?
  • Do you invest time and money into your culture?

Transforming the way business is done.

Contextual Leadership has been used by Fortune 500 companies for the past 25 years to address business challenges and organizational performance, cultural context shifting, and empowerment of people to produce unprecedented results quickly. This methodology does not focus on changing the structure and process of the current system; instead, we shift the context from which the system operates. Most change programs don’t work because they address content (the knowledge, structure and data in a company) or process (the activities and behaviors”, but they never address the context in which both of these elements exist. Because people act based on how they perceive the world around them, we focus on shifting context or perception as the most effective way to enable change. This contextual approach is the foundation on which all of our programs are developed and highly effective at addressing the following scenarios:

Culture Shift - This is a comprehensive, collaborative and highly participatory process to shift your company’s culture. We examine the culture’s inherited way of operating and interacting and then work with you to create a new culture that is tightly tied to your business strategy. This approach will immediately impact your goals and bottom line results.  By shifting your culture, you will realize not only greater success in the marketplace but greater employee satisfaction and retention.

Employee Resource Groups - Allinium will work with you to launch, re-launch or “turbo-charge” your employee networks. Our belief is that empowering leadership within an organization will contribute to extraordinary business results.  In particular, our expertise in the area of Gender Partnership allows you to examine where the culture of your organization might be limiting the ability of women to make their full contribution.  This examination often reveals blind spots that impact all diversity and inclusion efforts.

Succession Planning, Talent Acquisition and Reviews and Retention - Every corporate culture has places where the way in which talent is viewed is invisibly influenced by the culture itself. We work closely with HR Specialists and organizational leaders to examine the subtle ways in which bias finds its way into even the most pristine process.

Leadership Development - Our Senior Consultants are extensively trained coaches with a collective 100+ years of experience working with individuals and organizations.  Individuals committed to elevating their leadership development, accelerating a project, managing work/life balance or leading their organization or team through a transition can benefit from having a committed coach.  We take a no-nonsense, straightforward approach to produce the maximum impact with velocity.

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