SMILE! Customer Service

SMILE! is the story of a unique bus driver in Seattle, and how he delivers excellent customer service.
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Meet Reggie Wilson. Bus driver. But he's much more than that.Driving in traffic for 8+ hours a day is difficult. Dealing with an often difficult public is doubly difficult. But Reggie approaches his job with a different attitude. Rather than letting the job wear him down, Reggie makes a choice. Everyday, he chooses a positive attitude. Even on days when he doesn't feel like being positive, he treats his riders like they are guests on his bus. Guess what? They keep coming back. And the positivity comes back to him, too.

Some riders pass up other buses and wait for his ride! How's that for loyalty?So, why does Reggie make the effort to deliver excellent customer service?

Customer service is one of the biggest challenges for customer-facing companies today. Are you trying to figure out your frontline customer service puzzle? SMILE! can help. SMILE! is Reggie's story told straight. No talking head trainers telling you what to do – and turning off your employees. In this day and age, no one wants to be told what to do. Reggie's story starts conversations. What better way to train than to have a conversation? How do you instill the spirit of customer service in your people?

With the guide, both novice and experienced facilitators will feel comfortable and supported. Their only requirement: enthusiasm and a positive attitude that rivals Reggie's. As with _______! (that little video about the Fulton Fish Market), modeling positive behavior is the facilitator's primary role.

Recommendation: SMILE! is a unique and compelling video because of Reggie Wilson. Enthusiastic motivational presentations can sometimes help sales and service employees improve their attitudes, but Reggie's story makes the case better than words. If you need to encourage a positive service approach (or have a difficult or 'poisoned' service environment), SMILE! is a great training choice.”**Training Media Review ( reprinted with their permission.

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  • ‍Learn how your own positive attitude can be the most important part of any customer service interaction.
  • ‍Understand that you are in charge of your own positive attitude in all situations.
  • Discover how your quality of life improves by adopting the SMILE! philosophy.



The SMILE! Customer Service training package includes:1. 12 minute video on DVD or VHS2. A CD-ROM that has the comprehensive Facilitator's Guide materials, handouts, and powerpoint so you can conduct your own short or long training session. Complete with large group and small group exercises, participant sheets (reproducible) and background articles about the Inside-Out Model for Customer Service, creating joy at work and the value of laughter at work.3. 10 SMILE Buttons (just like Reggie's SMILE sign)

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