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Attracting and retaining the top talent in any organization is THE MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS IMPERATIVE OF THE 21ST CENTURY.  That requires a 21st Century approach to the culture of your organization.

As a proud licensed provider of the work of the Institute for Women’s Leadership and the Institute for Gender Partnership, we bring 25 years of expertise to you and your organization. We can IMMEDIATELY help you assess and build a powerful culture that ensures you will be able to effectively understand, connect and communicate with 100% of your talent, customers and stakeholders.

The advancement of women, gender partnership, diversity and inclusion and unconscious bias are no longer the responsibility of the HR Departments.  These efforts require a solid, company-wide initiative led by the CEO and Senior Management who are convinced that business performance is directly correlated.  Unless and until this is treated as a strategic priority, it is unlikely that any real progress will be made.

We offer open-enrollment, cross-industry and cross sector leadership and breakthrough-change training programs as well as in-house programs for dedicated teams or across functions.

We consult individually with leaders seeking to effect breakthrough change in their organizations.  Our solutions are customized to address business challenges and organizational performance, and empower people to produce unprecedented results quickly.

We offer extraordinarily effective leadership coaching to individuals looking to advance their careers and executives wanting to tackle the area of inclusive leadership and effect large-scale change.

Talent in Demand

There is a talent war on the horizon with a credible prediction from the Census Bureau/Department of Labor that there will be 23 million jobs in the United States that can’t be filled by 2020 – 1.4 million in the technology sector alone. Few companies are doing what needs to be done right now to position themselves appropriately and most believe it won’t affect them, expecting their reputation to carry the day. Unfortunately, the culture of an organization is likely to be the deciding factor with 78% of millennials saying they would rather make $40,000 per year working in a great, inclusive environment than $100,000 per year working for a company stuck in the last century.

We've worked with

Susan Elliott-Rink was the closing speaker for the 4th Intelligence Community Women's Summit in March 2016. More than 300 women and men from around the Intelligence Community attended the event. Ms. Rink's presentation was enthusiastically received by the attendees. Numerous individuals who provided feedback to the event in an evaluation survey listed Ms. Rink as either one of the most, or the most valuable speaker of the day and multiple respondents indicated they would not only like to see Ms. Rink again at future events, but they requested she also be provided more speaking time. Some specific comments were: "Please bring Susan Elliott-Rink back and give her more time - she was outstanding!" "The IC needs more coaching/training from Susan Elliot Rink" "The BEST! Need to see her again" "Best speaker by far...gender partnerships message much better than elevating women as a group"

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)

Working with Susan Elliott-Rink exceeded all of my expectations. Initially engaged to assist the WBN Board with strengthening our structure to ensure the sustainability of the ERG, we emerged with a new mission and a commitment from senior leadership to focus on programs to ensure a culture of gender partnership. More than the probing questions she asked, she listened intently, and helped our board shift our context. I’m looking forward to our continued, and expanded, relationship with Susan.
Managing Director, National Chair JLL Women's Network

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)

I met Susan Rink in Dallas during our national board meeting for the JLL Women's Business Network. Susan opened my eyes to what "gender partnership" really means. The days of diversity and inclusion only being pushed by a Human Resources Department are a thing of the past. A culture of supporting and promoting the professional development of women and gender partnership needs to start at the top and be embraced by all levels of management. Once we do that, high value talent is better utilized - we reach more clients, we become more profitable and ultimately, we become more powerful.
Licensed Brokerage Coordinator

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